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What is a Promoinfo LCD signage?

Promoinfo LCD signage is an advanced digital display system composed of a single or multuple LCD panels,
connection and control system. It allows business owners conveniently projecting high resolution, dynamically
exciting, story-telling style messages, to have audience effectively focusing on key selling points meanwhile
enjoying a visual experience.

In short, an on site TV show to have customers happily know more of your offerings and take positive actions.

Why Promoinfo LCD signage, instead of the similars from someone else?

Which Promoinfo LCD signage should I consider?

Depending on applications and budget, Promoinfo LCD signages can be conveniently configured into a single unit
or an array, with a wide variety options of sizes, control methods, mounting solutions. For budget restraint
business owners, Promoinfo offers cost effective packages to convert any used / spare LCD TVs into a digital signage.

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Where to implement the promoinfo LED sign?

Compared to Promoinfo LED signs which suits more on viewing from a distance and high brightness desired enviroment,
Promoinfo LCD signages best benefit a venue where audience is close by, preferrably in an ambient indoor location,
Such as ( just name a very few):

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When to launch a Promoinfo LCD signage in my business?

Whenever you feel a strong need to upgrade your current traditional signages, into a much more visual appealling,
motion graphic bases, story-telling styled signage system, to more effectively access today's smart phone generations
who keep on checking feeds from a LCD panel on their palms

How to get started with Promoinfo LCD signage concept?

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