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What is a promoinfo LED sign?

Promoinfo LED sign is a programmable electronic messaging display system, to allow business owners reaching out to
new customers, by powerfully projecting latest custom designed marketing messages in a content rich, eye-appealing
and conveniently manageable way.

In short, a 24/7 front line promoter to win you new customers.

Why promoinfo LED sign, instead of your google searched?

Which promoinfo LED sign should I consider?

it really depends on application, or in another word, what specific problem you want to solve?
Currently Promoinfo is offering a wide variety of LED sign products, from as small as finger size to large format.
As model selection is a result of your marketing strategy, place to install, budget and so on, we strongly suggest to
set up a phone call, or best a meeting, to discuss in more details.


Where to implement the promoinfo LED sign?

An ideal location should satisfy audience’s just a glance short sight, meanwhile the audience can’t miss.
Let's talk.


When to launch promoinfo LED sign in my business?

Whenever you need more new customers and have new messages to share with your ecosystem such as customers,
employees, vendors and the community.

How to get started with promoinfo LED sign?

Let's talk NOW.